Funny Mother’s Day Quotes Wishes for Mom

A gift everyone got from god which is priceless is called as Mom. No one can replace the presence of mom and no one can care for us like moms do. Mother’s day is the only occasion which is celebrated in respect of mothers. On this day you can gift something to your mom and make her happy or you can make something for your mom to feel her special. In this post, we sharing with you a simple and best way for celebration but be sure your bonding with your mom is like a friend. Because here you can get some Funny Mother’s Day Quotes which you can send to your mom for wishes.

They are like Dads only smarter.

Not All Superheros Wear Caps.

Mother [muhth-er] -noun
1. one person who does the work of twenty. For free.

Mom, I can’t even imagine how proud
you are of me for remembering
to send you a mother’s day card.

Mum’s Favorite Saying’s 

What part of no don’t you understand?
I don’t care who started it.
Wait until your father gets home.
Your face is going to freeze like that.
No one said life was fair.
Go to your room.
Beds are for sleeping not jumping.
East your vegetables.
I don’t know is not an answer.

Funny Mothers Day Quotes

Funny Mothers Day Quotes


Funny Mother’s Day Quotes Wishes for mom

Here we sharing with you the latest collection of Funny mother’s Day quotes for the celebration of 2017. In this post, you will get the best and selected Mother’s Day Quotes and images for wishes. These images have some funny wording written on them which you can able to download for free and also you get many quotes wishes.

I thank you for the food you bring,
and for my little squeaky thing.
I thank you for your friendly talks,
and when you change my litter box.
I thank you for the naps we share,
and putting up with tufts of hair.
I thank you for these things you do,
but thank you most for being you.
So as I’m sat upon the mat,
Happy Mothers Day from me the cat!

Let’s be grateful for our moms that they didn’t abort us.

Only a mother as perfect as you…
could have a (daughter/son) as perfect as me.
Happy Mother’s Day!

“I’d like to be the ideal mother,
but I’m too busy raising my kids.”

God has given me a woman that has proven to be a beautiful mother, a wonderful wife, and an amazing friend. I’m thankful to God for you being such a blessing in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, I couldn’t afford a gift, so I made you some stretch marks. Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny Mothers Day Quotes

Funny Mothers Day Quotes

Mothers Day Quotes from Teenage Daughter

If mother wants to attract her children attention, she needs to sit comfortable on the sofa.

Mom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.
Don’t worry about [brother’s name], I know he isn’t your fault, he must be adopted. Funny Mother’s Day Quotes

“Children are natural mimics who act like their parents
despite every effort to teach them good manners.”

I sometimes wish that I knew all of the “right” words to say to let you know that I love with everything that I have and everything that I am. I hope that you understand. In a nutshell, you mean the world to me! Happy Mother’s Day To My Wife!

It takes a woman twenty years to make a man of her son, and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him.

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Teenage Daughter

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Teenage Daughter

Mothers Day Funny Quotes from Son

I couldn’t afford a present for my mother, so I made her some stretch marks.

Happy Mother’s day to a woman who deserves a medal…
for putting up with me all these years! Funny Mother’s Day Quotes

“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment
to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.”

I don’t say it enough. I don’t say it loud enough. I don’t say it with as much passion as I feel. I don’t say it when I always should. But, here I go I married a fantastic woman and I want the world to know that I LOVE YOU with everything that I am!! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired. It need not be deserved. Happy Mother’s day.

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Son

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Son

Mothers Day Quotes from Kids

I remember I was a kid and the scariest words were “I’ll tell your mom”. Best Funny Mother’s Day Quotes

Thanks for letting me be a parasite in your body for 9 months…
followed by another 18 years as a parasite outside your body.

“Setting a good example for your children
takes all the fun out of middle age.”
-William Feather

You mean more to our family than you know. You are wonderful, perfect, and I love you with all of my heart. Funny Mother’s Day Quotes!

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Kids

Funny Mothers Day Quotes from Kids